Monday, September 19, 2011

Dillo Hills | Latest Android Games

Posted by Deathmetalistic Jyx on 11:27 PM

Dillo Hills is a browser-based game similar to the arcade release game from iPhone, Tiny wings. In Dillo Hills You can do whatever you want with simple physics-centric title hold [Down] arrow key to dive into the hills. When you hit the start Terra Firma Roll, roll down the slopes to get the speed even more. Release the button and climb high in the sky, picking up speed and travel to distant lands in the process!

Happiness is like hang time in the Dillo Hills, so naturally you want to stay in the air as long as you can keep your "dillo smiling and content. Good tattoos go faster, too, so the more speed you have, you get more speed, jump over you slam it into the ground at an awkward angle is "unfortunate dillo, try not to do that , k? Keep your speed and supplier of air time high and you will eventually move into new areas, featuring more birds to slap in addition to collecting gems and hills more difficult to cross.

Oh, and wait, what? Unlock? Tons of them? Yeah, you know! Diamond collection routes, you can buy upgrades in the shop of the available capacity in the main menu. Simply click your way to the store and you can increase your rate of fall, for the damage, and more. You can also choose different characters to play not including a turtle, armadillo, a squirrel and a penguin! You can even open a capsule a few spiffy her dress for her walk around the field.

Dillo Hills does not innovate on any front, but it provides a gaming experience great web browser. Playing cute animals. Playing for the intense action of sliding hill. Play, because no matter how many times you try, you can not get the time for perfection. Or just play because you can make a penguin wearing a top hat.
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