Wednesday, September 21, 2011

9mm | Latest Android Games

Posted by Deathmetalistic Jyx on 9:07 PM

9mm is an upcoming game for Android. On this game you play the role of John Kannon (also known as "Loose" Kannon), a cop who is not afraid to break the law crude for pain methamphetamine dealers in Los Angeles. 9mm is aimed at adult audiences - in terms of F-bombs, giving Grand Theft Auto a run for their money. But the real question is how we stack up to other games IOS in terms of gameplay.

Moving and shooting controls are fairly standard, and explains everything in a smooth tutorial, which is also the first mission of the game. One of the gameplay gimmick that separates the 9mm from a third person shooter is that you can start a push of a button Bullet Time. If you take a swing button, you are dipping in the direction of a slow-motion coup. Of course, Bullet Time is not an original idea, but this is a Gameloft we're talking about here, so no originality.

The history of the game is enough to propel the game along, but it's over. One minute you save innocents from a gang beat-down, the next minute you're chasing some creep who tries to kidnap your daughter to the playground, and if you find yourself in a strip club explode. On the positive side, the voice acting is pretty good. On the other hand, the constant cut-scenes more urgent, the more you play.

The story offers what it means to wrought iron framework for the gameplay, so it's a very linear game. From start to finish, you move from one objective to another, never veering off itinerary. Stray too far from the target, and gets a job - only to be sent to the last Checkpoint try again.

Normally we complain more to the lack of freedom in the game, but they did a good job in a different lens. There are plenty of shootings, and fists, chases and interrogations, which is one of the quick-time events that will make you touch or wipe the screen quickly. These are usually a little 'easier as they are, but they add spice to the game. You can also collect coins as you progress, you can spend the new weapons and armor.
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that looks action game.
i would like to play and will download.

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