Monday, September 19, 2011

Street Fighter IV | Latest Android Games

Posted by Deathmetalistic Jyx on 11:06 PM

Capcom's Street Fighter IV expands again. No, not just in the Ultra-Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition ver.2012-II. Apple fans have been able to play Street Fighter IV on their i-devices in a while, with Street Fighter IV and an updated version called "Volt", which has added several new characters and Wi-Fi support Multiplayer features. I do not know which version of the game will make its way onto Android. Although it would be nice to get the "Volt" from the beginning, let us not forget that Capcom loves the combination of its products at every opportunity.

Unfortunately, the Android port of Street Fighter IV will not be the easiest game to get, at least not at first. The game will be available exclusively for LG to come "HD" phone, through the World LG App Store. "As we prepare for our first high definition smartphone to launch, it was important for us to be able to offer HD content to really show the benefits of this phone," president and CEO of LG Dr. Jong-Seok Park , said in a statement. "The HD version of Street Fighter certainly meets that goal."

When LG started shipping HD devices break Android retina pixel density in the fourth quarter, which will return with the support of some amazing programs and games that you like the impressive hardware. Thanks to a partnership between LG and Capcom, Street Fighter IV will be one of those games. Set for an exclusivity period of three months on the HD units of LG came time to launch of Street Fighter IV will set the standard for quality of content on HD-enabled phones. According to LG Mobile President and CEO Dr. Jong-Seok Park.
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