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White Knight Chronicles II: Light of Darkness Awakening | Latest Games

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White Knight Chronicles II (Light of Darkness Awakening) is the second sequel of the White Knight Chronicles series. The game is  developed by Level-5 and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PS3 and PSP. This game was released in Europe last June 10, 2011 and June 9, 2011 on New Zealand and Australia. But probably this game will be released in North America this coming September 2011. White Knight Chronicles II allows the player to transform their character to a White Knight Chronicle along with guild ranks and equipment. This second installment also includes remastered version of it's first and original game version. Just like the first White Knight Chronicles, this second installment is a third-person perspective game, however the developer changed and improved the game play in all aspects of it. White Knight Chronicles II features new battle system mechanics, a lot more combos, new armor and weapons to make, and expect new dungeons and enemies to encounter.

The player can also select what character does he prefer to choose. White Knight Chronicles II have 8 characters to choose from: Leonard, Yulie, Eldore, Caesar, Cisna, Miu, Scardigne, and Avatar. Leonard is the leader of the team of Knights and was subjected to Cisna. Yulie is the friend of Leonard and a pact maker of Luthia the Moon Maiden. On the other hand Eldore is the group's adviser, since the time of the Dogma Age. Caesar is the new mayor of Greede, and a pact maker of Larvayne the Dragon Knight. Cisna is the Queen of Balandor that was subjected to Leonard's affections, and the reincarnation of the queen of the Athwani. While Miu is a Farian Princess, she is the grand daughter of the late Archduke of Faria. Scardigne is the general of Farian and he joins Leonard in protecting Miu. Lastly Avatar is a character that allows the player to customize, and accompany the main cast through the game. The player can also use this character for online multiplayer. In short Avatar is a fully customable knight. Watch out for it's release this coming September.
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