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Bleach: Soul Resurrection | Latest Games

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Are you an anime fanatic? Familiar with the anime Bleach? Here's an awesome game for you that will surely increase your addiction with anime's. Bleach: Soul Resurrection is an action packed game for PS3 developed in Japan for Sony Entertainment. This game was released last June 23, 2011 in Japan and soon to be released in North America and Europe in September. The theme song of the game entitled "Ranbu no Melody" was played by the famous rock band in Japan, Sid.

I can say that Anime is one of the main source material for video games nowadays because Anime attracts most of the teens, and there are many, (even the old ones) who are addicted with anime's also. Just like DragonBall Z before that gave us San Goku, the famous ninja of Konoha Naruto in the famous Anime Naruto, and now hitting our gaming world to the next level, Ichigo of Bleach.

The developer made Bleach: Soul Resurrection looks even more special than it's previous versions. Just like it's fellow Japanese game, Ninety Nine Nights, Bleach: Soul Resurrection resembles a different pace with an adventure mode. Most of the anime games nowadays only stuck on the fighting genre, but this installment of Bleach is very unique from them. Large open landscapes will be littered with lot's of enemies, from few low level enemies to a tough high level opponents. Even though Bleach franchise released some fair versions before, most of those titles have been solely for the Japanese Market only and not for other countries like America and Europe. Bleach: Soul Resurrection is the fifth installment of the Bleach series and the only installment that made it's way to America and Europe that would be in September.

This installment of Bleach is crucial when it comes in levelling up. Levelling up requires lot of new moves, combos, and special attacks. On the other hand the gameplay of Bleach: Soul Resurrection looks blindingly with fast combat sequences and linear to approach. The developer of the game created stylish models that resemble awkward action figures also in addition for the game's special features. The player will also enjoy unlocking some characters because this game is consisting 18 unlockable characters that will follow the storyline of the manga and anime really closely. Bleach: Soul Resurrection is surely make anime's are more enjoyable not just to watch, but to play with.
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