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Guild Wars 2: Upcoming Fantasy RPG | Latest Games

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Guild Wars 2 is an upcoming online RPG (role-playing game) still in development by ArenaNet. The game is set in the fantasy world called Tyria. There is a disbanded guild in this world who are dedicated to fight against Elder dragons, they are a Lovecraftian species that has only the control of Tyria since from the original Guild Wars. Tyria is a world that is persistent with a story that interacts in instanced environments. The game also features a story line that is responsive to player's actions and claims to be unique in terms of genre. The developers of Guild Wars 2 aims to be dynamic than it's original version by reducing the complexity of the Magic skill system and using the environment as a weapon. Aranet is developing a heavily modified version of the game engine and the game's awesome 3D graphics. By the use of the Havok physics system, Aranet enhances the graphics and animations of Guild Wars 2.

The developer is also focusing a lot with the game's concept art, this is something that will be integrated into the way of the story so that the players can easily relate about the story and plot settings of the game. There are a combination of five races and seven professions where the players can create a character. The five races include the charr and human that is introduced in Prophecies, norn and asura being introduced in Eye of the North lastly the Sylvari that is exclusive only for Guild Wars 2. The seven professions are the Elementalist, Warrior, Ranger, Necromancer, Guardian, Thief, and Engineer. The elementalist is a scholar that uses magic, based on the classical elements. These elements are earth, fire, water, and air and these elements affects and change the skill bar of the character. The earth skill of the elementalist is more on defense, fire is for effect damage, water for snares and healing, and air for single target damage. The Warrior is a soldier that can use either ranged and melee weapons. Ranged weapons can hit the opponents in direct damage while the melee
weapons can cover only a variety of roles. The warrior may also use stances, shouts, and battle standards in buffing allies themselves. On the other hand the Ranger is an adventurer that may use both ranged and melee weapons also but ranged weapons on ranger covers only variety of roles while the melee abilities can be used in quick movement defense. A Ranger can also use spirits and traps in defending an area. The ranger also has animal companions that can use different skills depending what kind is the pet exactly.

A Necromancer is a scholar that may use manipulation of death. It has a number of summonable minions, life stealing skills, and other support abilities also. The unique quality of a necromancer is a life force that builds up as deaths occur near on it, which changes necromancer's skill bar. Guardian is the second soldier that uses virtue to aid allies in combat. These virtue are subdivided into three categories: courage, justice, and resolve.
A guardian can also summon enchanted weapons, and create wards that can prevent the enemies from getting nearby. On the other hand the Thief is an adventurer which may use both and melee weapons also. The Thief is first class in using pistols, utilizes traps, shadow stepping, and a stealth assassin in terms of combat. Thief skills can also consume some of the character's ten initiative points rather than having cool downs and can use an item that is being robbed from a foe. Lastly the Engineer is an adventurer who uses variety of guns. Engineer can use either both pistols and rifles, as well as technological gadgets for*attacking the opponents. It can also equip backpack kits which allow engineer to use grenades, tools, mines and medicines. Guild Wars 2 is just like the original Guild Wars which uses skill based combat system, however unlike the original Guild Wars, skill slots have predefined roles in this second installment of the Guild Wars sequel. Guild Wars 2 is very unique from any other free game downloads out there because the game itself focuses on quality over quantity, giving the players into real RPG experience.
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