Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Brink: Reviewing This Cool FPS | Latest Games

Posted by Deathmetalistic Jyx on 9:15 PM

Brink is a first-person shooter game released just recently. Brink was developed by Splash Damage and this game is compatible with Playstation 3, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox 360. The game is played by team based multiplayer missions. It has cool player characters and the nature of the game is approachable. The story plot of brink is about the battle of two sides, the Resistance and Security. The game takes place in a city called The Ark, a city that is surrounded with water and somehow called a floating city. The Ark is a city that is environment friendly with no contamination and renewable assets. The Ark can only support about 5,000 residents but due to unstoppable large number of refugees entering the city from all over the world, the population in the City have grown ten times higher. Due to the city's limited resources, a civil war resulted.

The developer developed a smooth movement across random terrain which lets the players navigate complex environments without sophisticated input. A player can automatically clear obstacles without having to use complicated controls just by holding down the smart button. On brink there are four character classes namely Medic, Engineer, Operative, and Soldier. The Medic's task is to heal teammates, revive and buffs their teammates health. While the task of the Engineer is to buff his teammates weapons, supply them with armor, plant landmines and complete the build and repair objectives. On the other hand the Operative interrogates fallen opponents and traces enemy locations. While the Soldier, throws grenades, resupplies teammates and has an objective to complete, destroy objectives by just using explosives. The players can customize their characters and buy experience points and special activities also. The players can choose what kind of abilities they are going to buy its either universal abilities or class specific. Universal abilities are abilities that can be use regardless of the class during a mission while the class specific abilities can be use only when the players are on this class.

The special visual features also is helpful for the players to tackle and handle the complex environment situation by analyzing their location. Brink  includes Valve Anti cheat and has steam works integration. While on multiplayer the servers can hold up to 16 players. The players can play competitively and cooperatively against artificial and intelligent opponents called bots. By completing every mission successfully, custom characters can be produced with the equipment bought with experience points. Brink is a massive game for all of the FPS addicts out there. But I think brink is expensive to purchase because it's just released recently, on the other hand with the help of other  free game downloads on some sites, im looking forward to download and play this game.
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