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Crysis 2: Game Review | Latest Games

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The second installment of the Crysis series is now here! Crysis 2 is a game developed by Crytek and published by Electronic Arts. It was released in North America and Europe last March 2011. Crysis 2 is compatible with Microsoft Windows, PS3, and Xbox 360. Crysis 2 is a first person shooter and the most awaited second main installment of the Crysis series this 2011. The storyline of this game takes place in year 2023. New York City had been evacuated due to alien infestation and due to a large outbreak called the Manhattan virus. This disease causes cellular breakdown to an infected person. The Aliens  are behind this incidents in New York City and they are beginning to invade the human race. Manhattan was placed under martial law after this breakdown. Soldiers from Crynet Enforcement and Local Logistics, under contract from the Us Department of Defense and a private military company run by Crynet corporation was hired to stop the chaos along the City.

Just like the first Crysis, the protagonist from the first game Force Recon Marine, Jake Dunn is still your main character in Crysis 2. Nomad's commanding officer in Raptor Team, Army Delta Force officer Laurence Barnes returns from the original crysis also. Players can still use the Nanosuit 2.0 that have lot's of special features in boosting Dunn's abilities. The aliens from the original game are now upgraded and redesigned by the developer of the game. Crytek stated that their main intention was to surpass the original game in terms in gameplay and graphical designs. Crytek assured the gamers that even though they upgraded and redesigned several features in the game, Crysis 2 have a lower system requirements but still exceeds the player expectation and the game also supports true stereoscopic 3D. The purposes are still exactly the same as before, the player have still the option either he played it at lower or higher resolutions with hardware below the minimum requirements.

There are new and upgraded features also just like the Nanosuit. It can be used multiple modes easily whenever the user wants to use it. And this makes a big difference from the first game, in which the suit was limited to a single mode only and it cannot be used in the multiple mode. The suit binoculars function has been upgraded with an advanced Tactical mode and Speed Modes have been combined into the new Power Mode. The Cloaking Device has been modified and renamed into Stealth Mode in which it increased on sensory input and silent melee stealth kills. With the exception of limited agility and not decreasing energy level the armor Mode has been left more or less. There are also two trailers, the one is showing the complete state but the other one is showing the suit in a wire frame state. On the other hand the suit has many improved features than it's original version, giving the players freedom to upgrade their suits depending on the player's own style. Crysis 2 is going to be a big blast than the first Crysis. Just enjoy exploring the new features of the game.
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