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Bulletstorm: Vengeance is a must! | Latest Games

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Bulletstorm is one of my most anticipated first-person shooter game ever. It was developed by Epic Games and People can Fly, but it was published for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows by Electronic Arts. Bulletstorm was  released in North America on February 22, 2011, and in Europe on February 25, 2011. Bulletstrom is recognized by its harsh humor and sense of style. When the players performed massive kills they are being rewarded with points. However, the game does not have any competitive modes.

The setting of the game takes place during the 26th century, a secret black-ops army called Dead Echo is protecting the Confederation of Planets. The game's main character Grayson Hunt and his cyborg partner Ishi Sato went AWOL after they discovered that they are being set up in killing innocent civilians,because all they know is that they are killing murderers and drug dealers. Ten years later they attempted to take revenge on their commanding officer General Sarrano and his forces, but Grayson Hunt's and Ishi Sato's ship crashed and landed to a planet called Stygia. Stygia was former a resort planet but now it is ruined by meat-eating plants, criminals, giant monsters, and mutant tribes. As the result of the crash, Hunt's partner  Ishi is gravely injured, and to save him, he requires an energy cell power. Hunt's another comrade Rell goes off to find and retrieve an energy cell from a fallen escape pod. In order to preserve Ishi's brain their doctor in the ship successfully merges Ishi's brain with the ship's AI. But bandits managed to get inside their ship and killed the doctor. Hunt loosed control and shoots an explosive barrel, killing the bandits, but accidentally Rell also died with them.

Only Hunt and Ishi survived the explotion and they decided to work together in order to survive, even though Ishi is angry at Hunt for killing their other comrades in the ship most especially Rell. On the other hand the General's forces crashed on Stygia also and while Hunt and Ishi is searching for a way off the planet, they encountered them and battled to survive. Through their  journey Hunt and Ishi is joined by Trishka, a woman with a dark past. And their journey towards Sarrano starts again. The gameplay of this game is great with nice effects. For me Bulletstorm is one of the most action packed game ever created.
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