Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Toki Tori for Android and Iphone | Latest Android Games

Posted by Deathmetalistic Jyx on 11:06 PM

Toki Tori is a puzzle platformer game that is fun to play than anything you've played before. Push the limits of your brain as you drive through the course, with 80 challenging levels spread over four mysterious world to collect the eggs as you go. Your character Toki Tori is armed with a number of different items and weapons, such as the telewarp, freeze o-matic and Slug Sucker! Combine them to solve each level, some are easy,  and some are brain bendingly difficult!

The gameplay of Toki Tori is to use a limited number of tools to collect all the eggs in each level of a single pass through it within a certain period of time. Toki Tori has a certain amount of tools at the beginning of a level. The puzzles are designed around the tools to be used wisely and in most cases with a tool of wounds in the best position. The enemies usually appear after a simple patrol of the front and back turn, when they reach an obstacle. Knocking on Toki Tori, and if he died instantly, it forces the player to restart the level. Some tools are weapons that can defeat these monsters, but should be used carefully and wisely to maintain the level of defeat. Besides the threat of monsters, a timer is constantly ticking down. When the counter reaches zero, Toki Tori gives a look of disappointment on the player, you must restart the level.

When a player has a clear idea of ​​how they are going to win a level, but usually have a lot of time to implement their plans. There are fifteen levels in all four worlds, non-tutorial levels, which appear in an exhibition unprecedented tool. Only the top ten are required to enter the next area. The other five are much more difficult and are there to increase the replay value.

There are four worlds in Toki Tori, the Forest Falls, Creepy Castle, Sewer Slime (Cuevas mud on the Game Boy Color version), and Dam of bubbles. The worlds are becoming more difficult as the player progresses through them, in the later levels, usually only have a specific form to collect all the eggs. The most obvious difference in the world and the enemy is simply unique aesthetics. Enemies behave the same way and the goal of each world is the same: to collect all the eggs at once. Toki Tori is surely one of the most enjoyable game to play on Android phones. Stay updated with the latest android games here on Game-Metal.


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