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History: Great Battles Medieval | Latest Android Games

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History: Great Battles Medieval is in the context of history of the Hundred Years War, covering various conflicts between England and France in the centuries 14 and 15. History: Great Battles Medieval allow players to take control of huge armies with more than 40 different units. Knights on horseback to the infantry, French and English Longbow archers, all units of the two warring factions are represented in all the right story. Whether in the campaign mode A brief skirmish or multiplayer, History: Great Battles Medieval offers accurate and realistic recreations of medieval battles!

History: Great Battles Medieval  has the heart of an RTS game, which also includes elements of a role-playing game that lets you build an army in every battle. If this game shines through the power of animation that is asynchronous, meaning that each unit of soldiers moves only one unit instead of the usual business activities, it depends usually on the animations. You have troops, cutting swords and shooting arrows in different ways and at different times when it seems to be a real battle.

The great medieval battles before told us that the game may be a few hundred soldiers, something like 600 to 800, on the floor at some point, without seeing a performance. History: Great Battles Medieval is likd an epic period film being made as a game. This game is very detailed with graphics and gameplay sense. The user through the famous battles of medieval history who is thinking tactically and start thinking about strategies. It will be interesting to see how the interface between the scale of tablets and mobile when it is published. However, if you do not have 2-Tegra Android device, I'm sorry to tell that you can't play this game because this is compatible only for Android Devices with 2-Tegra memory.
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