Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Guerrilla Bob | Latest Android Games

Posted by Deathmetalistic Jyx on 12:15 AM

Arm yourself with machine guns, bombs, petrol bombs, shotguns, double UZIs, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, guns, bows and sticky string, as you fight your enemies the way just like a guerilla! This is another game optimized for Tegra 2 tablets Guerrilla Bob THD guarantees explosive battles in where you struggle for fame or fortune, or simply to stay alive, through deep gorges, lifeless dererts, cities and formidable . There is no other way to enjoy this fast-paced, cartoony shooter, except on a shelf Android (although it works fine on many phones) because that's what this game is designed. Blast those enemies away, with your character Bob. Guerrilla Bob offers stunning visuals, multiplayer platform, an arsenal of kick ass weapons, unique enemies, explosives and non-stop humor!

Guerrilla Bob is a one eyed touting mercenary and a cigar smoker out for vengeance. Bob is an impressive Guerrilla Shoot Em 'Up multiplayer multiplatform game that can be played on Android, IOS (including iPhone, iPod touch, and IPAD), PC and Mac And if you're next to your friend with Mayhem game balls at once and release the same game...Great! There are two game modes, Arcade and mercenaries. In addition to sharing the opportunity OpenFeint rankings and achievements with friends.

You move Bob to the left by a virtual joystick and simply press the right side of the screen to fire, it will automatically aim at the bad guys. Sliding up everything and everything is in motion or not (such as automatic guns, tents and doors), and avoid being blown up (which is represented in cigars Bob). Try to go on a streak by killing enemies without getting shot to scrape more points. Throughout the game you can get upgrades medals, health and weapons.

I like the fact that the game will give you tips and help, using a weapon, too often, it depletes, picking up speed boost and ultra. Then at the end when you face a boss. In my opinion Angry Mob Games, creator of Bob Guerrilla, do a good game for Android! No fuss, no worries, just pure fun and action packed game, without all the jazz! Watch out for the upcoming latest android games here in Game-Metal.


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