Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Death Worm | Latest Android Games

Posted by Deathmetalistic Jyx on 10:47 PM

Death Worm is based on Super Mega Worm. These games were originally released for Iphone and Android, but first of all, these games are much more similar than they are different. In both games you can play with the worm, whose purpose is to engulf and destroy everything they find, whether animal, human or vehicle. Both uses the Game Center, you can follow the highest score, and both are very casual player friendly, simple controls and incredibly fun at the forefront.

Death Worm is a goal-based game. To get the levels, you have to do things like kill 60 persons, or get 30 kills without taking damage. This should be a difficult time of trigger happy police and army guys to start peppering you with bullets and grenades, but these adds a thin layer of originality to the proceedings.

At each level on death worm you get, you have to update your worm making it longer, faster, stronger, or more able to squeeze the juice from the power-ups. There are two types of bonus: increases the speed and fast cars. Unfortunately, you must enter three of the same power given to the use and effects are relatively short, at least initially. It is a pain because the worm Super Mega used to be able to speed up and shoot balls of fire at will.

The graphics are excellent, especially if you have a screen Retina. Blinding detail, with silky smooth animation. And unlike its competitors, the worm of death can unlock two additional environments. As each ring is the same size, is mostly cosmetic changes, but we appreciate the change of scenery.

Unfortunately, for wrapping around the visual appeal, people and animals must eat very small. We had to play the screen just inches from our eyes, in order to find our food. And when you get the speed to increase, the camera retreats further.
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