Sunday, August 21, 2011

Angry Birds Magic for Nokia Smartphones! | Latest Android Games

Posted by Deathmetalistic Jyx on 5:00 AM

Game Maker Rovio Mobile is about to take their highly popular multi-platform game Angry Birds to another level. Angry Birds Magic is the newest game for Angry Birds series, and has been developed exclusively for Nokia smartphones. At the moment, Angry Birds Magic is not officially released so Nokia users have to wait several months before it is being officially launched at the WIMA NFC conference.

Although Near Field Communication is not the one that prevails at present, it appears that NFC will be the next big thing in the mobile space, and therefore according to a rather more Gadget, using Nokia Conversations, Rovio is about to free Angry Birds Magic this coming months.This new version of Angry Birds will apparently be exclusive for Nokia.

For those who are curious and want to play Angry Birds Magic, this game has 20 levels to come! I'm sure you'll have plenty of time and effort to complete all tasks and episodes of madness and destruction of this pig slaughtering game. Without touching the computer or other complex device, you can play the game for hours every day in a very practical, portable, and popular gadget smartphone like Nokia.

Angry Birds magic will be completely free and the game comes with Nokia C7. You just have to upgrade the operating system using the last package, Symbian Anna. Hopefully Angry Birds Magic will be available on all NFC Nokia smartphone in a very short time. If you want to play more than the standard 20 levels, you need the full version of Angry Birds on Ovi Store, where you will be charged a just a small amount.
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