Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nuclear Dawn: Upcoming FPS from Valve | Latest Games

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Nuclear Dawn is an upcoming FPS (first person shooter) developed by Valve, the developer of the famous FPS game before, Counter Strike. It is a post-apocalyptic game that also blends with RTS (Real Time Strategy) genre. Nuclear Dawn is compatible for Pc's running on Windows Operating System and it has a game version for Xbox 360 also. Valve announced before that it is just an amateur mod for the source engine only but lately they revealed it as a commercial project already. Counter-Strike, Natural Selection, Day of Defeat, and the Ship are examples of Valve's former mods products that have become commercial projects.

There is one player on every team who plays the role of a Commander. The Commander is the leader of his or her team from an overhead view. The remaining players are soldiers who has the ability of playing an FPS with a twist of a real time strategy game. Nuclear Dawn is a game that really requires cooperative teamwork of every player, and by using some sort of tactics and intelligent strategies. These are the main keys in order to have a better and strong team against the opposing team through the game. Rifles, machine guns, mini guns, and explosives are just examples of wide arsenal of weapons to deploy in the battlefield. The setting and environment are really suited for awesome and bloody battle. Here are examples of some missions or game objectives through the game, desolate Japanese City, fight for the treasures of one several other post-apocalyptic local areas, or infiltrate a Russian nuclear installation.

As the group leader or a Commander you have to think of an effective strategy to take advantage against your opposing team. In formulating your strategy the environment and physics of the game might helped a lot. As a commander you are the leader in creating checkpoints, and defensive positions. You also have to blast your way through the enemy positions and expand your territory. This tactic might pound your enemies into submission. Lastly in order to aid your team, you must secure resource points to deploy weapons and equipment. In Nuclear Dawn expect to play as a soldier in a modern city modeled with post apocalyptic landscape. Players must follow there commander's instructions and assault or stealth the infantry of the enemy by using various weapons to accomplish the objectives. On the other hand the weapons in Nuclear Dawn rely on the skill and tactics more than the twitch reflexes and map memorization of every player. I can say
that Nuclear Dawn is first person that is hard to play at your first time, it's fast and also an unforgiving game.
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