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Quantum Theory | Latest Games

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Quantum Theory is a third-person shooter game developed by Team Tachyon and published by Tecmo. This game is compatible for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 only but the PC version is currently on development. The players take the role of two characters named Syd and Filena who must fight and survive through the living tower. Quantum Theory features a cover system that constantly removes or adds cover through the tower being active. Quantum Theory's gameplay and mechanics have a similarity with Gears of War. But the biggest difference between this two game is that the inability to perform automatically move from cover to cover or swat turns. During cover, players can fire their weapons from the hip or aim down sights for more accurate firing. A single headshot through an enemy is being replayed through slow motion close up view of the target's head exploding. All the enemies explode upon death also.

Quantum Theory is set in an organic sci-fi world, in which it has only few survivors due to a catastrophic state the world war left. Life has been threatened by a black material called "Erosion", that creates a post-apocalyptic environment called Cocoon. The human survivors recruited a militia to conquer the Erosion and aiming to take down the Living Tower. On the other hand, there are no handheld grenades but the main Character of the game Syd can throw Filena (Syd's partner) as a secondary weapon, that will result to a stun, major damage or instant kill depending what kind of enemy is being hit. Syd can use his guns also as a melee weapons. While Filena can do a follow up attack when Syd throws an initial melee attack. In other levels the environment is changing dynamically, therefore there are some moving platforms that Syd must hang on to take a jump. There are Boss appearances also through the campaign which requires the players to identify the target in their weak parts.

Syd is the main Character of the game and has the only intention to destroy the Tower. Along his journey he meets Filena and they joined force together in their search for answers. The first time Syd meets Filena, he saw her fighting the Diablosis. They have been separated in the tower after dispatching the enemy and the two is engaged in a Mexican stand-off. After that happening Syd and Filena meet again and revealed their opposing quests. Felina wants to save the tower from erosion while Syd wants to destroy the tower. They both fought each other after knowing that they got different principles, but their fight is interrupted by the Diablosis. They have no choice, and in order to survive they must fight the Diablosis and the two agreed to join forces. The only reason why Filena wants to save the tower is that it is created by her father.
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