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Prototype: Check this game out! | Latest Games

Posted by Deathmetalistic Jyx on 9:20 PM

Prototype is one of my top rated games when i first saw it. I just saw this game on my best friend's apartment where we usually hang up before and from there,  he introduced this game to me. I was amazed with it's awesome graphics and it's game play. The hero is so cool and characterized with it's strong charisma and  enthusiasm. In every superhero game, the role of your character is always a protagonist. While on prototype, your character Alex Mercer is an antagonist. That's one of the coolest features this game have. In prototype you are a bad guy, and you run around the city killing anyone who crosses your way, and then gaining health by stealing the life force around you.

In prototype you cause destruction wherever you land. You destroy buildings by just running up their sides. You consume characters to find out what they know about the sequence of events that will lead you to your abilities and chaos in the city.You may vary missions that can be approached in numbers of ways. The character has massive moves and abilities. There are a lot of challenges and activities in this game also. On the other hand the bad side of prototype is that the scenery is  dull and never changes.

The storyline of Prototype is, Alex Mercer (your character) suffered from amnesia and trying to figure out what's going on with him. But fortunately even though Mercer lacks in memories, he has superpowers and incredible agility. As a result Mercer is an incredibly fun character to play with. Prototype features varied missions and some unforgettable boss battles. Mercer is quite easier character to control if you play it on an Xbox 360 rather than a personal pc. Gliding through the air, running up the sides of skyscrapers and making giant leaps are just easy for Mercer. You can even make it effortless from one end of Manhattan
to the other straight line by just a sprint button if you really wanted to. Nothings impossible for your character because he's an extraordinary character in this game. The combat is just simple on the earlier of the game but as you progress and learn about who and what your character is, you learn and you remember how to to use every single move in the joystick. You don't need to do anything quite that difficult on your keyboard, but there are lots of keys to remember.

For me Prototype is a blast! You can morph your arms into blades, a hammer like fists, and a whip. You can also use more weapons dropped by enemies and eventually, you can hijack tanks and helicopters even gunships. This game is very enjoyable, you can use a whip like arm to lunch them
into mid air even while falling from another helicopter where you've been shot down. The other thing about your character is that Mercer has the ability to disguise as any human character that you absorb in regaining health. If you need to destroy something inside the base of your enemies, you can walk right in there and kill then consume everything that moves. You can also stand nearby rooftop and throw things. You can
even disguise as a soldier and distract the real military by declaring someone as an enemy. From there just like a real soldier you can call air strikes from your comrades without suspecting you. Unfortunately these are just very limited. Almost all of the challenges scattered across the island force you to play it in the certain way. But your free to use the environment and everything that you see and to fit with. Prototype is one of the
games that will burst your gaming experience. So why try play the role of an antagonist and make all the protagonist suffer!
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