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Crysis: Experience Sci-fi FPS on your PC | Latest Games

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Crysis is a game developed by Crytek. Set in the year 2020, Crysis is more than just an ordinary game. The story line of Crysis is, an archaeological team in Pacific island was captured by the invading North Koreans. From there the Us Special Forces team was hired to investigate and rescue the scientists. Suited with high-tech nano-suits, capable of boosting your strength, armor, and speed as well as cloaking the enemies. Parachuted in the tropical paradise with enemies ahead is something else that gives extra thrill and excitement in the game. The first half of the game will put you in the middle of incredibly large levels of tasks and objectives. How to complete this tasks and objectives is entirely up to you. Try to blast your way through the enemy lines and it's up to you on how you get through it. You can use the cloaking abilities of your nano-suit also so that the enemies won't find out that your spying around with them already.

The game features a high degree of advanced game play and visualizations. The guns and ballistics modeling makes the shooter feel as if your handling real weapons. Hitting a target with long ranges is a challenging task. Thank's to weapon recoils and other factors, it made a lot more easier to eliminate your targets one by one. The North Koreans are suited in body armor, so you have to aim their heads in order to put them on the ground. You are packed with variety of firearms, like assault rifles and shotguns. One of the great aspects
this game have is that you can fix weapon while your on the fly, adding scopes, silencers, and grenade launchers, providing that you've found them. These silencers take down North Korean guys silently, though it reduces bullet damage, meaning you've got to make your every shot count so that you can take them down easily. Flashlights mounted on your weapon is very useful in helping you get out from dark levels of the game.

Crysis gives you a lot of shooting experience. As your mission go further, the battle becomes larger and more intense action comes along your way. Your mission will not going to be that easy. It always depends on your strategies with the game. Always put your place with your character and it's going to be a lot more enjoyable. It's a tough mission but as you make your way to the enemy infantry take down your enemies and if
they're already dead, you can pick up their dropped rocket launchers and use it against them. Crysis is not just a simple mission with a single adjective in the game. Crysis can twist your gaming experience and will make your heart pump faster than normal. It will always be an awesome and challenging game to play, Crysis is also a lot more cooler and more intense to play than any other games out there.
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