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San Andreas: Awesome Cheats to Use | Latest Games

Posted by Deathmetalistic Jyx on 8:07 PM

San Andreas is a game that have so many cheats. You can use a lot of cheats on it, but cheating doesn't mean your weak on this game. Besides using cheats on San Andreas makes the game more enjoyable and lot of fun. There are a lot of exciting and cool cheats to use. Just  type the code of the cheat then enter and your character "Cj" is packed with lots of surprises. Ill give you some cheats on San Andreas.

These cheats are some cool cheats. For Weapons, Health, Armor, and Money. Weapon Set 1, the cheat is LXGIWYL, Weapon Set 2, PROFESSIONALSKIT, Weapon Set 3, UZUMYMW. For Health, Armor, and a $250 money, type HESOYAM. If you want a Semi-infinite Health type the keyword,  BAGUVIX. And for the infinite Oxygen, CVWKXAM. For unlimited Ammo and no reloading just type FULLCLIP.

Here are the cheats for Police, Stats, and Gangs. Increasing wanted level for two stars, TURNUPTHEHEAT. If you want to clear the wanted level just type TURNDOWNTHEHEAT. In changing the looks of your character,  for fat, the code is BTCDBCB, BUFFMEUP for max muscle and KVGYZQK for the skinny type. If you want to be on a six star wanted level the code is BRINGITON. For max respect, WORSHIPME and for max sex appeal, HELLOLADIES.

These are the cheats to create magic on other cars. Blowing up all the cars, CPKTNWT. Invisible car, WHEELSONLYPLEASE. For perfect handling, STICKLIKEGLUE. Agresssive drivers, YLTEICZ. If you want to have a pink traffic, LLQPFBN, and for black traffic, IOWDLAC. Make the boats fly, FLYINGFISH. Make cars fly, CHITTYCHITTYBANGBANG. All cars have nitro, SPEEDFREAK. Cars
float away when hit, BUBBLECARS. Free aim while driving,  OUIQDMW. Reducing traffic, GHOSTOWN.

These cheats is for the gameplay. For faster gameplay, SPEEDITUP. Slower gameplay SLOWITDOWN. Have a bounty on your head, BAGOWPG. Everyone is armed, FOOOXFT. If your tired of your missirible life, GOODBYECRUELWORLD fits for you. Peds attack with weapons and rocket launcher, BGLUAWML. Having a beach party, LIFESABEACH. Ninha theme, NINJATOWN. For slut magnet,

If you like to change the weather here are some cheats. Sunny weather, PLEASNTLYWARM, very sunny weather, TOODAMNHOT. And for rainy weather, AUIFRVQS, foggy weather, CFVFGMJ. Faster clock,
YSOHNUL, always midnight, NIGHTPROWLER. Thunderstorms, SCOTTISHSUMMER, and for sandstorm CWJXUOC. These cheats that i gave are not the complete  set of cheats in San Andreas. There are a lot more cheats and i just want to give you some very useful cheats. Enjoy playing San Andreas and be ready to conquer every streets! :)
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