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Point Blank is a Pure Blast | Latest Games

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Point Blank is the number one FPS game played in Indonesia, Thailand and also Russia. And just recently, this game was released by e-Games here in
the Philippines. This game was developed by Zepetto and it was released in South Korea last 2008, Thailand and Russia last 2009. If you're familiarized with Counter-Strike, I'm sure you are aware of this game already. Point Blank is an online first person shooter game which has the similarity in terms of gameplay with Counter-Strike. In Point Blank there are 2 team selections the players can select, its either the Rebels or CT-Force team. Just like in  Counter-Strike, the rebels are the (Terrorist Forces) while the CT-Force team are the (Counter-Terrorists). Each team are required to complete their objective or mission and eliminate their opposing team. There are four different character models to choose with, but you have to select only one character. You can also buy skins for your character, outfits, and also accessories to make it a lot more cooler.

Before the round begins and before your character respawns, you are allowed to change your weapon or equipment. The game points in PB are awarded if you made an head shot, killed an enemy, or won a round, etc. What makes PB one of the top Fps and unique game is that PB has exciting game features. The game has a wide range of maps, cool array of weapons, and interactive environments. It also allow the players
earn skills through level progression and use of weapons. Point Blank is a game that focuses on the skill of the players. Players who are fun of playing FPS games before will really love this game because of its fast gameplay and intense battles. Unlike any other online fps games, you are allowed to fly helicopter on Point Blank and use it against your opponents. But well of course you're opponents can shoot you also with
rocket propelled grenades. You can customize your cross hair, depending on you if what cross hair you prefer to choose.

The 5 game modes in Point Blank are Deathmatch, Bomb Mission, Destroy, Eliminate, and lastly AI challenge. There are also 24 maps through the game, each maps are interactive and fun for the players to play with. The team that reaches the total number of kills first, wins on Deathmatch game mode. While on the bomb mission mode, the red team must attempt to plant and detonate the bomb in the bomb site, or they must kill all the players in the blue team in order to win. Blue team is responsible to defend the objective and kill all the red bombers, blue team also wins if they can defuse the bomb in the bombsite. In Destroy mode one team must destroy the objective target in the enemy's area while defending their target. If the objective is destroyed before the time limit runs down, the team that scored the most on their opponent's objective wins this mode. On the other hand eliminate mode have only one objective, you have to eliminate the opposing team! If you want to practice, AI challenge is a mode in which one up to four players will have a practice game with the bots or AI opponents. But the bots difficulty can be set from easy to expert, it's up to you if what difficulty fits your skills. Point Blank is surely one of those games that will make you extend your time till the last hour in the computer shop... A confession from an addict Fps gamer before! :)
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