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Set Free The Devil Inside (Devil May Cry 4) | Latest Games

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Plug in your gamepad and prepare yourself for another demon slaying experience.
This version of Devil May Cry is very interesting because, there's a new character with some terrific new moves, he is no other than "Nero". Devil May Cry 4 has beautiful visuals and incredible cut scenes that will definitely amaze the players. Boss characters are designed very well and challenging to fight. There are a couple of fun modes that are exclusive for the PC version only.

The Bad side is you need a gamepad. Environments and boss fights are repeated if you can't defeat the boss character or complete the level. And puzzles and platforming aren't much fun. If you play Devil May Cry 4 on your PC, you should expect all of the same visceral carnage featured in the console versions, but you really need a gamepad. If you're a eager for punishment, you can try using the game's keyboard control scheme, but it's awkward and frustrating. However, assuming that you have a decent controller, you'll find that this excellent sequel is Capcom's finest PC release in years.

It's a challenging experience, though its smoother difficulty curve makes it far more accessible than Devil May Cry 3. In this scenario, you're given an excellent number of gameplay choices that help you finish the challenge to your preferences. You can initially choose one of two difficulties and you can even choose whether you want the game to perform some combos for you automatically. No, it's not awkward to find Devil May Cry 4 to be excessively tough on your first play-through, although it is no walk in the park, either. Nevertheless, it is generally excessive, and that isn't a bad thing. Stylish action, terrific boss fights, and beautiful, melodramatic cut scenes will inspire you to push forward, and they serve as an appropriate reward for a well-played sequence of demon slaying.

Dante's back, and he's badder than ever. It isn't surprising that a game featuring the charmingly insane Dante would be so over the top. Though the series famed antihero is not the real star this time around. Don't worry; you'll still get to play as Dante, and he brings with him a good selection of weapons and fighting styles, just as Devil May Cry fans would expect. But you'll spend the majority of the game as newcomer Nero, who has a selection of impressive and elegant moves of his own. Nero is an excellent character, capable of delivering a few wisecracks, a brooding glance, and a heartfelt plea of love to his beloved Kyrie in a few moments' time. He's clearly cut from the same cloth as Dante, and it's a bit disappointing that the game doesn't explore this connection in more detail. Regardless, you'll want to follow Nero's exploits as he struggles to learn the truth about his own religious organization, The Order of the Sword, and Dante's apparent murder of its leader.

Nero's claim to fame is his demonic arm, better known as the devil bringer. With it, you can grab on to distant enemies and pull them in, pick them up, and slam them around for some excellent combos, plus deliver a few other surprises. These mechanics are easy to pull off, and they represent a general shift from the defensive gameplay of Devil May Cry 3 to a more aggressive approach. As you play, you can pull off some incredibly satisfying moves, both in the air and on the ground, and the most violent of these are accompanied by slick, bloody animations and appropriately gory-sounding thwacks and slashes. Timing these various moves can be tricky, but like in the previous games, eventually the subtleties of your combos will click, and in time you'll be pulling enemies toward you, slashing them into bite-size pieces, and smashing them into one another with glee. Find out how awesome Devil May Cry 4 to play with.
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