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Hints For Devil May Cry 4 | Latest Games

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On Devil May Cry 4, the style is complicated and unique. You will encounter a number of secret missions scattered anywhere, and there's no doubt that you'll find them to be one of  the most challenging part of the game. In some cases, you have to execute a certain move a set number of times in a row, or dispatch every demon within the allotted time. Although those missions are challenging, others require you to have purchased a particular move before you can manage it.

If at first it seems that some of these missions are simply unbeatable, If your tired of playing those missions again and again, have faith and return to it later. There's a good chance that you were just simply missing a piece of the puzzle. You aren't required to do these missions, but the orb fragment that you earn is a perfectly fine reward, and accomplishing these difficult tasks is incredibly a great feeling.

I'll give you some hints but note that ar their name suggests, hints are not exactly Devil May Cry 4 cheats, and are usually just simple but somehow very useful tips on how you can unlock secret level features, and help you find hidden areas. Hopefully these hints may help you make Devil May Cry 4 more enjoyable to play.

Here are some of the Hints:
Unlocking Legendary Dark Knight and Son of Sparda
To unlock these two difficulties you must beat the game on Devil Hunter.

Unlocking Dante must Die and Heaven or Hell mode
Complete Son of Sparda mode.

Full Ending
During the credits where, if you protect Kyrie from getting hit for more than 90 seconds then you will be able to see the secret part of the ending.

Full Ending: Protect Kyrie from being hit for more than 90 seconds.

Super Costumes
Super Costumes gives the player unlimited Devil Trigger.

Super Dante: Beat Dante Must Die mode
Super Nero: Beat Dante Must Die mode

Unlock Bloody Palace
Bloody Palace is a survival mode that pits you against 100 floors worth of enemies.

Unlock Bloody Palace: Beat Devil Hunter Mode

Unlock Artwork
Demon Invasion: Beat Dante Must Die mode.
Light from the Demon Blade: Beat Hell or Hell mode.
The Cast: Beat Devil Hunter mode.
The Demons, 12 publicity pictures: Beat Son of Sparda mode.
The Ladies of Devil May Cry: Beat Heaven or Hell mode.
The Secret Festival of the Sword: Beat Legendary Dark Knight mode.
The Two Heroes, 29 character images: Beat Human or Devil Hunter mode.

Try these hints out! I'm sure your going to have some fun.:)
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