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Special Force Online another FPS experience | Latest Games

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Special Force is a first person shooter game commonly known as FPS,  first launched in Korea and now here in the Philippines. If you played counter strike or Call of duty before, I'm sure you are very much familiarized with fps games. Sf online nowadays is one of the top played online games in the Philippines.For more than 21 million registered players nationwide, after it is being launched by GameClub Philippines up to date. Special Force, when it first hit the online gaming industry, is a game that struck the players with its massive game play and extremely high quality graphics. Sf is like counter strike being upgraded and counter strike taking to the next level being online.

On this game, your like a true army officer. After you've had registered your account, your rank will be trainee. When you've already accessed your game account you are given 70,000 sp, the money in sf. It is used to buy your character, rifles, grenades etc. There are a lot of characters to choose from on the character shop, delta force, gign, gsg9, force recon, and mulan for example. You have to buy your primary rifle also in the weapon shop, and a secondary gun. It all depends on your personal choices of guns. There are a lot of choices to choose from. Aside from those, you can also buy your grenades. There are three classifications of grenades in sf namely HE grenade, flash bang, and the smoke grenade. These grenades have special uses where they can do a lot of help during the game.

You can also make your character look more awesome by buying some accessories on it. There are a lot of accessories to choose from on the item shop. After completing it your already lock and load. Experience an epic battle between you and your other opponents. There are several game modes that you can play on sf online. There is sniper match, team battle, single battle, horror mode, ctc and ctc2.  All these game modes are enjoyable to play depending on the player if what game mode does he prefer to choose and play. In some instance even though Sf is a game that has too many players. Sf also has too many scammers and cheaters.  For example there is someone posting to the lobby for spectators,  "Trading this Account". And his account have higher rank than yours and it also have rare guns on it. If you are being driven by his great offer I'm not so sure but definitely you'll give your user name and password to him. In that case it's just easy for him to change your password without giving you his. Then you cant access your game account anymore. 

Some player are taking advantages to some other players through cheating. On sf there are a lot of cheaters called dxt and unreal board users. Dxt and unreal board are one of the most commonly used cheats on sf online. All you have to do is download the file and extract it to your sf folder... and boom! You'll become a top scorer on the score board. You can kill your opponents in just one click on the mouse! You can see where your opposing enemy are hiding, this is so called "wallhack". You can jump like you were flying, much more than a simple character can jump. You can throw lots of grenades, like you can make it rain with grenades. A normal player can only throw 3 he grenades,2 flash bangs and 1 smoke grenade maximum. But if you have cheats extracted on your sf folder. Your character will be just like this so called "extraordinary". Your AK 47 is like a PSG-1 where you can kill your opponents in just one bullet or two. You have unlimited ammunition's also. That's the magic of using cheats. 

But I'm not teaching or influencing you to be a cheater. Always remember to be a fair player for your co players. Using cheats on a game like sf is like cheating with yourself. Yes, your character is gaining higher kill/death percentage and it is fast on having higher ranks. But a cheater will always be a cheater, you are just good on using cheats but you will never be a good player. Always remember that you'll have to enjoy the game. Not enjoying enough to take advantages on your co-players. Using cheats will never be required for a player if he want to be the best and he's character will always be on top. You'll just need to focus on your cross hair. Learn to point it on your opponent's body, much better to point it on his head to gain head shots. Always put yourself to your character. Be careful on your every move. Be strategic just like a real officer does. And lastly... Be careful with your footsteps! 
It might kill you! :)
Experience a true Shooting game experience with Special Force Online...
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