Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Further Beyond Fighting | Latest Android Games

Posted by Deathmetalistic Jyx on 11:28 PM

Further Beyond Fighting is a Virtua Fighter or Tekken-style game and I just watched it's gameplay for about an hour ago. I cannot do a full review of both the narrow-play time, but a game of this magnitude deserves a while so here goes the ... coverage

First of all, Further beyond fighting is a huge standard for Android. The size of the game is nearly 100 MB. In fact, when you check your phone, it shows that only less than 50 MB, but here is the kicker ... Not App2SD. Exactly. If you have 500 MB of memory on your phone, and this game with only 10% will want to eat it. Allows App2SD is the number one issue for this next update.

But how do you play further beyond fighting? Well, you have three buttons to fire, kick, and punch, and a virtual joystick for movement (left and right and improved seeds). There are also several game modes. My test vehicle was the arcade mode, because I really use the phone more as a "quick fix" of entertainment and a replacement of Xbox 360. The graphics are pretty polygons, and reminds me of the old fighting spirit of expanding Virtua Fighter 32X Sega Genesis. It's not bad ... not just wait for the flow of Tekken contemporary approach where the characters look like real people. The game is also a nice accompaniment, and playing the correct sound when you press the foot contact of cement with an opponent. Speaking of audio, the character doing the usual bit 'of verbal abuse and the voice acting is quite funny. My character was born in China, but speaks as if ... Well, not China.

The game has some obvious problems with the delicacy of my 1 GHz 4G Epic curious if I have played without problems on a dual core, or if it's just what it is. It is not really a matter of slow, but it is a good development. Remember, we're talking about a very ambitious 3D here so I think the developers have done an excellent job and made a smart decision to drop a few frames of animation without slowdowns (as the developers may need emulator to play). However, at the same time, I was surprised at the end of the round breasts jiggle my character (yes, I played the red head) ... so let me get this straight. Jiggle App2SD comes before and apparently does pink underwear? Ok, I will not punish the question App2SD more.
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