Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Smurf's Village | Latest Android Games

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The Smurfs' Village, is another android game released by Capcom. Capcom has resurrected the classic 80's comic strips series as a free-to-play game for iPad and Android Phones. On The Smurfs' Village, players will strive to build a thriving habitat for small blue creatures, building mushroom houses, crops, and do other activities. Your goal is to create a safe haven and survive from the evil wizard Gargamel. It comes with a part of the gameplay in Farmville, and part Sim City.

Gargamel finally managed to destroy the village of the smurf's, and you (and possibly your friends) can help rebuild it. The Smurf Village developer and publisher Capcom Mobile does not aspire to much more, but if you're a fan of blue Wee creatures, this game may be sufficient. You have a variety of mushroom houses, crops, specialized buildings and landscape features at their disposal to the smurfiest village.

The Smurf Village is free to download, but it is based more on the purchase that most players will love Smurfberries. You can certainly play the game without paying any cents, and (given enough time) ends with a large and thriving Smurf community. But many advanced structures require that the berries to buy actually, and the time it takes to build anything past the first basic shelter and cultures seem extreme.

When Papa Smurf assigns a task, it usually requires you to touch the object in your inventory (such as mushroom houses), and therefore the area of ​​forest where you want to be placed. Smurfs footpath to perform the operation, when you touch. When you build your village, city Smurfs go about their task requires representatives of Papa Smurf you. By the time you reach level 10, you will have significant foot traffic. Fortunately, Capcom Mobile to increase the difficulty of a very controlled way, so you do not feel overwhelmed. You will really enjoy playing this cute game for sure!
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