Monday, August 15, 2011

Rise Of Nightmares | Latest Games

Posted by Deathmetalistic Jyx on 8:12 AM

Rise of Nightmares is an upcoming survival horror game developed and published by Sega for Xbox 360. Sega it's developer just received the first game rating in Britain, where one of their games were marked with a rating of Adults Only (R18) by the British Board of Film Classification. Why is it first? Because Rise of Nightmares is exclusive from Kinect, making it the first hands free for adults game only for the Xbox 360 motion controller. And because of it's scary impact and somehow violent and brutal storyline that is not applicable for the young ones to play with.

Players will assume the role as an American tourist who must save his wife from an increase scientific disturbed nightmares that will play in a first-person perspective. Like Condemned, players will have to rely on melee weapons like brass knuckles, knives, axes and saws, as opposed to firearms. The game takes place primarily in a mansion-like environment where players take creatures zombies and monsters, as disfigured, for they will be able to divide and beheaded.Rise Of Nightmares is one of the scariest game ever created so better check it out. For latest games and latest game reviews feel free to visit this site.


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