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Deus Ex: Human Revolution | Latest Games

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an upcoming first person role playing game and the third game of the Deus Ex sequel, a prequel to the original game. It is being developed by Eidos Montreal and to be released this upcoming August 21, 2011. Deus Ex sequels revolve around tactical gameplay which allows the players to make crucial choices anytime. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is different in terms of gameplay because of it's Combat, Stealth, Hacking, Exploration and Social aspects. Players can also switch between these gameplay types anytime they want, and certain parts of it may flow into others. Modifications with the body of your character that allow the user to use superhuman abilities is a cool part of the series. While the first modifications in the first two games of Deus Ex were nanotech, this third installment can be both nanotech or mechanical augmentations.

These so called augmentations carries each of the five gameplay types. The player's character can always kill his enemies while not pushing the player into acts of massive violence. While enhancing the player's performance in each gameplay selections, it also allows the players to craft their new methods of play through Augmentations. There is a squad leader who will direct the actions of his teammates in your every enemy. The Squad falls into disarray if the leader is killed. On Deus Ex: Human Revolution, weapons will fire distinct ammunition types instead of depleting a unified pool unlike any other invisible War. In order to better suit the character, players can also upgrade their weapons. Human Revolution title was derived from a regenerating health model unlike from it's previous titles in the series. The developer's changed it because they don not want the players to get into a situation where the players are unable to progress with the game due to low health, and would preferably search for med kits and foods. The developers found out that this behavior is breaking the flow of the game when one retreats to search the entire level for foods and medical kits.

Eidos Montreal believed that regenerating health model will encourage strategy and tactical forming retreats, but not to tension the players if the flow of the game is disrupted. The will still include health restoring consumables, just like food despite using a regenerating health model.Deus Ex: Human Revolution has another major change because of the highlighting of objects every player can interact with. This feature was witnessed in a game play preview that was released last Match 2011. Player can turn off this highlighting of objects through the game options. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is primarily a first person game, but will switch its viewpoint after using certain Augmentations, Cover system, or for melee combat actions. If you want to know more about Deus Ex: Human Revolution just stay tuned for latest games and latest game reviews in Game-Metal.


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