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Cut the Rope | Latest Android Games

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Cut the rope is an award-winning puzzle video game for handheld phones especially on Android.  It was developed  last year by the Russian developer ZeptoLab and was published by Chillingo. Just recently it was followed by it's second installment entitled, Cut the rope: Experiments published by the same developer Zeptolab itself.

The goal of each level is a maneuver in the mouth of caramel green monster comic called "Om Nom." Candy hanging on strings or titular ropes in which the player can cut just by a swipe of his finger, and can also manipulate other objects, such as bellows and bubbles floating. Each level presents a new compression artifacts throughout the game.

The other objective is to collect a maximum of three stars through the level by touching them with candy, and to keep the candy in the box, avoid the spikes and dangers of electricity hazards. The levels are scored zero to three stars, depending on the number of players picked up, and with a score by the number of stars gathered and the time required to complete the level.

Last October 4 2010, Cut the rope for IOS has been made available for iPhone and iPod Touch through the iTunes App Store. Native (HD) version of the iPad was published October 6, 2010. This was followed by the release of a free version of the lowest levels for each unit the next day, called Cut Rope Cut HD Lite and Cut the Rope Lite.

Nine days after its release, the game sold million copies of it and risen on the charts of App Store. In accordance to this, Chillingo made the fastest selling game IOS to achieve that number of sales staff. Since December 2010, was bought three million times. On the other hand the Android version was released in June 2011.

Cut the rope contents "boxes", which contains 25 levels each, and sometimes added through updates. These include:

Cardboard: includes the original version, October 2010

Tissue Box: with the original version, October 2010

Folio Box: with the original version, October 2010

Gift Box: Included with the original version, October 2010

Box cosmic: Added December, 2010

Holiday Gift: launched as a standalone game, free call to cut the cord of holiday gifts in December 2010

Valentines Box: Added February, 2011

Magic Box: Added April, 2011

Toy Box: Added last July, 2011
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